BAC? CAE? Wha?

Along with recycling bikes at our double-garage-sized 1960s zincalume shed next to the church, on Sunday (afternoons – we don’t get in the way of religious observances) at intervals, I run a CAE Bike Education course for people who can’t get there during the week. People pay to let me tell them stuff about how to make their bikes work, and they practise it, in the limited time we have. I can’t do Saturdays at the moment – bike shops need staff on Saturday, even in winter. However, if you come down on Monday or Thursday afternoons, from 2pm on, you can get essentially the same stuff completely free, put together a bike for yourself or a friend or relation, and work on your mechanical skills in a sequential way – rather than in the necessarily “wham, bam, thankyou ma’am” fashion of a bike “course”. Everyone who’s done a course is welcome to come down during the week if they’ve got time, or refer people, or donate bikes – whatever. You might even get a cup of tea, a biscuit, or if Kevin’s there, a muffin 🙂


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