Some more, ready to go!


This is a bike done up for the SPUC (South Port UnitingCare) staff, for them to get coffee and croissants with down the street. One gear, backpedal rear brake, hand front brake, step-through frame for those arthritic hips or bustled skirts 🙂 and soon to have a basket. An ideal short-haul city bike. Simple, robust (hopefully – it’s been fully serviced and refurbished) and not very desirable to thieves. Mmm, purple . . . 🙂 We’ve got lots more of these, and soon to have more, if a little deal I’m engineering comes to pass . . . more on that soon.


Here’s a gaggle of kids bikes. I think at the mo we’ve got one of every wheel size (12′, 16″, 20″) in both boys and girls. We’ve got plenty more waiting for some TLC. Come down and grab one for $20-25, or do one up yourself, for the cost of the labour time spent doing one more up for us.


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