Steve Martin’s bike


Yes, THAT Steve Martin. It was donated by Shane Bourne (a legend in his own lunchtime himself) – apparently he used to ride it around the gardens of Como at night to avoid unwanted attention when he was here doing a film shoot about 10 years ago. Shane was left with it. He’s a tall guy. There is another photo (which I have to track down, showing Shane, Steve and the bike) that proves it.
The bike itself is nothing super-special, a 12 or 15 year old Apollo Kosciusko MTB, apart from being owned by someone famous. It’s in reasonable nick, and on the list to be restored soon. (update: it’s almost done. We’re going to swap the front wheel, because the spokes are a bit too rusty, Shane living by the bay and all).

Anyone got any ideas what we can do with it? It’s not stored on site, due to potential bikenappers.

Send me a mail or comment.



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4 responses to “Steve Martin’s bike

  1. Nils (that Ground Effect guy!)

    How much you want for it?

  2. BACBikes

    Whatever the market will bear – although I was thinking more along the lines of an auction or raffle, proceeds to go towards keeping BAC open, that sort of thing. I may be drawing a long bow in thinking that if I find the right kind of nutter, $1500 might no t be unreasonable. What were you thinking?

  3. Nils (that Ground Effect guy!)

    …about $1450 less than that!!

  4. BACBikes

    Well, the bike’s not worth even that really – but neither are Madonna’s hair offcuts, which are collected by nutters. See what I mean?

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