Tory? Bike Rider? Literate? what are the chances?

Here’s a very good article by the enfant terrible of the British Conservative Party, Boris Johnson (or ‘BoJo’ to his mates), on the whole issue of bike theft and who’s responsible for it, prompted by the theft of his very own beloved bike. Now, until now, I wouldn’t have given any member of the Tories credit for anything, as most of my UK family were stiffed one way or another by Thatcherism in the 80s.  This fellow, however, is the exception which proves the rule. He gets arced up about things.  I don’t fully agree with his views on what makes people steal bikes, but I’m very glad I don’t live in London. We are in bike theft La La Land in comparison. It certainly generated a lot of reader response, if you look at the comments.


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