Another vanity project . . .

Here’s a little (prototype) song I wrote, hubgrinder-prototype.jpg

it’s an old European backpedal brake freewheel hub, cleaned out meticulously and welded a bit to make a functioning (some people kindly say that it’s better than even the better shop-bought ones) pepper grinder. The only part that hasn’t come from this old, obsolete bike part is the handle, which I turned from an apple tree pruning, so even that is recycled. I’ve got the raw materials for about 6 more, 3 of which are going to someone already. Get in early to avoid the rush πŸ™‚ . More old hubs will arrive, I suppose, and I’m on the lookout, if you’ve got one or two in the back shed.

Favorit, Renak, Velamos, Perry, Lucznik and any other old chrome-plated ones are all brands I am after, not Shimano nor Suntour, I am afraid. If you want me to turn your own into something like this, I can, for about $50. Since the parts are donations, I will put $10 back into BAC, and charge $60 if you want to buy one I’ve made. Selected lucky people will get them as presents πŸ™‚ .

These old high-quality chrome-plated, one-piece forged hubs are ideal, as they are very strong, not prone to rust and have few cavities in which grot can accumulate. Not many people want a hub whose internals are too worn out to pedal round on, and as most of these are over 35 years old, then bits are mostly worn out on the inside and a bit unsafe in the braking department.
The idea is not strictly mine – I’ve reverse-engineered one that I dimly remember someone showing me when they were looking for hubs for the same purpose in a bike shop about 10 years ago. So whoever you were, thanks, and sorry if I’ve unwittingly infringed your intellectual property. This idea is too good and general to keep to yourself.

Shoot me an email if you’re interested in one, or just ask.


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