9/11 – a thought or two

Here’s a conceptual leap – if as many people rode bikes who drive cars in the US, the WTC plane suicide bombing wouldn’t have happened 6 years ago.

Here’s my chain of reasoning

  1. Cars consume petroleum, both in operation and manufacture.
  2. The Middle East is a major supplier of petroleum to the US.
  3. The US seeks to ensure supplies of petroleum to its citizens and industry by whatever means necessary.
  4. Certain powerful groups of people in the Middle East do not like the US manipulating the politics of (or going to war with) their countries to achieve this end.
  5. Fringe elements of these will wrap up their dissatisfaction in religious and hyperbolic nationalist terms, and generate cells of fanatics willing to lay down their lives for the cause
  6. Fanatics lay down their lives for the cause in as big and spectacular a way as possible to poke Uncle Sam in the eye.
  7. Fringe elements of Uncle Sam will wrap up their dissatisfaction with this in religious and hyperbolic nationalist terms, and generate momentum and the economic conditions to encourage poor folk to lay down their lives for the cause, and invade and destabilize any country that dare stand in its way.
  8. Ford and General Motors continue to manufacture dinosaur-era personal transportation solutions for poor folk to aspire to and to feed off from propagandized advertising as a symbol of a happy and fulfilled life.
  9. The world continues to go to shit as these little Neros all continue the fiddling of their chosen screechingly discordant little tunes.
  10. Bikes, the obvious solution to at least 50% of all transportation needs, are propagandized by paid-for public utterance, almost out of existence, except as baubles and playthings of the idle rich.
  11. The economy trundles on, prodded, poked and regulated into endlessly producing and consuming ever more quantities of petroleum-based, resource-intensive pieces of technology without any regard for their social or environmental consequences.
  12. The world’s biosphere groans ever louder under the weight of such meretricious impositions, and the fundamental processes of a comfortable and productive life start to break down.
  13. Not only one flavour of religious belief starts to see that this is wrong, and reacts along a spectrum from peaceful and ameliorative to spectacular and violent.

Can you fault it? Seems obvious to me. And why such big, heavy, complex things as cars for fetching a 20g packet of basil from the supermarket? We’d all be living in a Tuscan village or Parisian arrondissement if we didn’t have to copy US town planning so that we could park the freakin’ Ford Territory. Start thinking about it people, and give US geopolitics the big fat middle finger. Get a recycled BAC Bike and live a more fulfilled, local life with less guilt about non-renewable resource extraction and oppression of third-world minorities.

N.B. the opinions expressed herein are those of the author and not any official body  that he is associated with. However, he will continue to express them loudly and vehemently within his occupations for as long as he can, or before ASIO cart him off for remedial political psychiatric treatment.


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