. . . and this is what Dubya’s Republicans REALLY mean . . .

Salon.com never lies, but the Capitol Hill Republicans often do, it seems. We seem to cop the same stuff over here, often when the government lets VicRoads win another battle for yet another freeway.



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6 responses to “. . . and this is what Dubya’s Republicans REALLY mean . . .

  1. Ahhh, another leftie cycling blog. Love it.

  2. BACBikes

    I could reply ‘Another holier-than-thou, sarcastic, snide, Hummer-driving baby-seal-clubber.’ Hello? If you don’t like it, sod off. No-one’s forcing you to read. Or maybe you’re just in denial.

  3. For what it’s worth, I think crowlie considers herself a leftie bike blogger. So I read her comment as appreciation, not sarcasm.

  4. BACBikes

    Ok, if I’ve got it wrong, I apologise. The blog is just brain filler, and I promise I’ll put some more directly BAC-related stuff on it soon. But I just can’t help rattling cages 🙂

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  6. Holier than thou…. well, there’s a title I haven’t aspired to in some time!

    Years ago when I worked briefly in a retirement home, I was studying theology and kinda into it… it was known around the place. What was good was that the chapel attached to the home was Uniting, and they’d recently suffered all the mistreatment about same sex partners going to church… which meant that the gay nurses would talk to me. I thought that was pretty neat.

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