“Leftie cycling blog”? Self-analysis time!

Yes, I got a snide rightie (why do you you never see ‘rightie’ used as a pejorative – you could have called the pin-headed little Liberal Students Club members who used to rail against the ‘Trots’ {Trotskyites, or so they stigmatized them} when I was at Uni ‘righties’) comment back for slagging Dubya, who would have thought it?

So, what’s wrong with Dubya and his mates? What’s wrong with oppressing the whole world to get oil for your dinosaur-wallowing-in-the-tar-pit technology? What is wrong with an imperialist apparatus perverting democracy for its own ends? What’s wrong with ecologically-short-sighted, business-as-usual, return-on-investment economics? Well, go ask Cindy Sheehan, or Steve Biko (if you could – CIA-trained secret police murdered him), or Hugo Chavez, or poor Nicaraguan villagers who were burnt out and raped under Reagan. A Dodge Nitro is not an holy object. Get that through your bullet head.

We’re as lefty as we need be to get more less-cashed-up people on bikes, and have a socially just rationale for doing so. What do you do with your spare time, crowlie? Playstation? Footy? Cock-fighting? Mmm, go on, break that mould! Or are you a self-obsessed gear-freak triathlete? An unfriendly and non-committal roadie? An image-obsessed, weight-weenie, cooler-than-thou XC’er? A “gnarly, dude!” xstreem freerider? A cool, urban, over-educated, skinny white guy fixie rider? Have I avoided insulting you yet?

Or are you really a bike rider – who likes to see people of whatever stripe riding? Bikes are not artefacts of a right-wing view of the world. The Doctrine of the Elect belongs behind the rapidly-fraying lace curtains of your crabbed little worldview. It’s not mine.



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5 responses to ““Leftie cycling blog”? Self-analysis time!

  1. Miller

    Do you sell reconditioned bicycles or prefer wanking away online?

    Anne Garrow should be made aware you are utilising the Born Again Cycles name outside the scope provided by South Port Uniting Care.

  2. BACBikes

    Miller? if that is your name –

    I do both. I do the first because I’m good at it and have something to offer in that respect.

    I do the second to get up the nose of opinionated people (who use throwaway anonymous e-mail addresses so they don’t have to back up their comments with face-to-face debate), and test the waters of social acceptance for new ideas amongst less-opinionated others. It’s the best way to start a debate, and attempt to unstick a few deep-seated prejudices that people such as yourself seem to harbour.

    Anne, FYI, is a regular (and enthusiastic) reader of the blog, and as such, I tailor it to her and other people who I encounter in my work at South Port Uniting Care. I don’t think I’ve met you yet, and if I have, I imagine that I would not want to again. As the Co-Ordinator of BAC Bikes and the creator of the blog, I have pretty much free rein to say what I like within the bounds of legality, good taste and propriety, but not within the confines of any particular narrow little world view which is propounded to me as ‘proper’. What the scope of BAC is, is not for you nor anyone in particular to determine.

    So I suggest you stop reading the blog, and go away and do something less blood-pressure raising with your time. Join the Bowls Club perhaps, where you can fume in like-minded company about lefty bike-riders and such, and any of the multitudinous others who might raise your ire.

    Oh, and by the way, what do you care? Have I seen you down in the shed getting greasy with a spanner in your hand? Do you really care what good BAC can do in the the world, or are you, as I suspect, just sniping? Anyway, enough said.

    Mark Horner

  3. Hi Mark,

    A friend sent me a link to your analysis, and wondered if you’d missed the ‘single-mum, leftie, Feminist, forty something and everything else I do… like fixing bikes. No middle class white guy, I ride a second hand bike I fixed up myself… I’m a part aboriginal pensioner. Perhaps you took my cynicism as sarcasm… or the other way around? Next time I’ll wait till you’re not suffering PMS to leave you a welcome message.

    Still, I can relate you your frustration. 😉

  4. Oh yeah, my cycling blog is lisacrowlie.blogspot.com that might clear a couple of things up… 😀

  5. BACBikes

    I’m a guy – I respond to flip sarcasm/cynicism with an ‘%&*% off’ every time. The world doesn’t need it, I don’t need it, and as I said, if you don’t like it, just go quietly away. Read my subsequent comment on why I’m just going to keep saying this sort of stuff.

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