BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Jeremy Clarkson, eat my shorts!

Hmm, Top Gear, that BBC motoring show that I harbour a sneaking admiration for, mainly because it refuses to take itself seriously and has eccentric ex-public schoolboys cavorting about having a whale of a time whilst pretending to present a semblance of motoring-based information, has admitted that bikes are essentially a better mode of transport than any other in the congested debacle that is London’s transport. Ever so smug, Jeremy, the tall, plummy-voiced one, makes it his weekly task to run down anyone who does not believe in cars as a god-given solution to the world’s transportation needs, calling them “smelly hippies”, “rabid conservationists” et c. , routinely treating motorised vehicles as secondary sex objects.  Well, his prescient words to co-host Richard “Hamster”Hammond who won the race from the centre of London to City Airport by a large margin: “You’ve just killed ‘Top Gear’!” , may yet prove true, but I’d be sad to see them go – like a smelly, wastrel, vociferous old uncle, you’d miss the animated, amusing and single-minded eccentricity of it all, but you’d welcome the spare room back, and the absence of the bathroom accidents and the particular reeking smell of his pipe tobacco.


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