CAE shenanigans

Hi CAE course peoples,

This is for you. Due to a sudden and unexpected urge to stand ankle-deep in mud and/or dust for 9 days straight, whilst fixing bikes, I’ve been called off the reserve bench (off the retirement list?) for the mechanics team of the Great Victorian Bike Ride. Therefore, I will miss the next two Sundays course sessions. I propose to make this deficit up by starting at 10am on Sunday the 9th of December, and continuing until a quorum of the participants are too bored to continue. Then, an additional weeknight (possibly Monday?) might be scheduled to make up any further deficit in hours paid for. Please send me a comment to let me know what you think about this arrangement, and I’ll attempt to alter the schedule accordingly. I apologise for my decamping in the middle of the proceedings, and hope we can come to a suitable arrangement and cover all that I’d planned to with you in a slightly different format.


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