I’ve been a bad old bear . . .

I got a comment from someone a little while ago that I seem to be a bit “angry” in some of these posts sometimes. Well, I don’t think I am, but I respect their point of view. I don’t try to put a bee in anyone’s bonnet, unless they deserve it for being perniciously lazy, malevolent and stupid in what they say, do or write.

My point is:

I like to argue – not stupidly and abusively, but in order to put forward my view (incontrovertible!) that bikes are a solution to a vast number of problems extant in the world today, and have it modified by the thoughtful critique of others who have views on the subject.

I’m a bit annoyed by idiots who pull you up on a point of discourse when they can’t find any real fault with what you say, or at least any fault that would make you look silly for saying it. So I usually give them a serve, if they deserve it.

I really don’t like flippant comments designed to make the utterer look cool and witty, but just come out barbed and cruel. You’ll always get a broadside for that, if you do it, off me.

Everyone of goodwill, of constructive criticism and with no hidden agendas (such as turning dubiously acquired bikes into saleable goods untrackable by the lax standards of local high-interest, short-term moneylenders) will be welcomed, as are those who actually go and grab a spanner on Mondays and start fixing bikes. And if you would like a bike, bring $30, $50 or $100, and you will go home with a lot of change and a bike, or some change, and a really nice bike.


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