Blogophobia? Well, maybe a little . . .

I looked at the date of the last post on this blog, and it’s THREE months ago! Three! So much for blogs being an up-to-date and tech savvy way to keep everyone informed about happenings in the ‘hood. I blame BikesnobNYC – it’s hard to drag yourself to the keyboard to write when there is such a large emulation gap to your favorite blog.

What has gone on since the last post? Well, we’ve had the shed extended by half as much again, I’ve bought some more heavy-duty workshop tools, and we’re regularly running classes of both the basic and newly, a more advanced level. Volunteers have come and gone, and an exciting development re expanding our operations is in the wings.

I’ve been talking to the guys at Humanpowered, up in Brunswick, and pinching some of their ideas (with their permission) about how to become more efficient and productive in a not-for profit way – i.e., more bikes being fixed up and getting BAC out there, so to speak. So stay tuned, I’ll take some photos of the new shed bits and hopefully, of the bikes that have been done up and are for sale in the next week or so.


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