I think I’d like to move to Denmark . . .

This is a nice blog: Socially democratic, cyclocentric, and ever-so-slightly prurient and voyeuristic, in the nicest possible Scandinavian way. Melbourne girls look good on bikes too, don’t get me wrong, but there is a stylistic element missing . . . (sigh). Enough from Dirty Old Uncle Mark, already! I think it’s Gordon at Hillman Cycles that’s doing it to me . . .

Our infrastructure development could take a leaf out of their book too:

“One advantage of a dedicated bike infrastructure is that there is next to no animosity between motorists and cyclists. Motorists are cyclists themselves and they’ve grown up with an inbuilt awareness of the needs of a combined traffic system.”

I’m sure there’s a spot for a good bike mechanic there somewhere! Now, if I could just learn Danish, get my EU work permit, leave BAC Bikes, no, what the heck, we can do the same thing here, without the snow!


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