CAE course started today

Hello CAEers,

I hope you enjoyed the first rubbery instalment of your course. Only 4 more sessions to go. We have a lot to do in a short time. If you would like some advance reading, there are some stored images of written notes on flickr, see here. Also, look at the blogroll and explore some of these links, particularly that authored by the recently departed Sheldon Brown.

I thought next week we would do cable maintenance and brakes, the week after that, gears. Then drivetrain maintenance, then bearing adjustment, and that should just about do. See you next Sunday!



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4 responses to “CAE course started today

  1. David

    Mark, I got out my road bike today to try to apply my new found knowledge of brake maintenance, only to stumble at step one – how do you get the end of the cable out of the brake lever mechanism? I’m sure it’s simple but I’m stumped and can’t find the answer on the Net. It’s a Shimano 105 Flight Deck lever mechanism. Is there an easy answer??

  2. BACBikes

    Hi David, thanks for looking at the blog. Road bike brakes are a little different to those we looked at in the class. If you want to lube your rear cable, you flick the little lever on the left hand side of the brake caliper up, and wind the barrel adjuster, just above it, inwards all the way, then you should be able to take the cable outer out of the stops on the frame. This is assuming that you do not have internal cable routing, where the cable goes inside the frame. If so, follow the procedure for front brake cable maintenance below. Lube as shown and replace – adjust the brake lever travel by turning the barrel adjuster to tighten the cable again.
    If you want to lube your front cable, you have to undo the 5mm allen key pinch bolt on the caliper, which is behind the quick release lever (same one as before) on the brake caliper . The cable should come loose. Pull on the brake/shift lever , then push it inwards as well, alongside the handlebar. You should be able to see the head of the cable – pull it out (remove cable end by giving the cable outer a sharp tug against the brake pinch bolt ). Lube and replace, crimp a new end on the cable. Check the head of the cable is seated in the brake lever properly (pull on the lever a few times whilst putting hand tension on the end of the cable). To tighten it, wind your barrel adjuster out (tightening) a few turns, then hold the two brake shoes against the rim whilst pulling the cable tight below the pinch bolt. With your third hand, tighten the pinch bolt (which by now is gripping the cable with its washer, we hope) with a 5mm allen key. Let everything go and check the brake. If it is a little too loose, tighten the barrel adjuster, vice versa if too tight. If it is way too loose, repeat the above process short of pulling the cable out again.
    I’ll bring my road bike next Sunday to demonstrate that and gears, or you bring yours, or whatever works.

  3. David

    Thanks Mark – I have printed that out and will try to follow your instructions today if I have time.

    I will bring my road bike in on Sunday.

    Is there a good bike repair manual on the market? The Internet sites I have looked at are OK but not great.

  4. BACBikes

    I’ve got a few books at BAC, one of which you can borrow for a week, but Barnett’s (link to the right) is the daddy – but $150. Anything by Rob Van Der Plas or Richard Ballantyne or Eugene Sloane are usually good value.

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