“I don’t get out of bed for less than $10K!!!”: the life of a supermodel . . .

One of our kind customers, Chris, who is also a photography student came in and did a few portraits of us, originally for her course requirements. So, I thought I’d use our date with a proper papparazzo (with her permission) for good, and not for e-vil, to quote Dr. Evil, Austin Powers’ nemesis:

No, I wouldn’t take him even if he wanted to come and help. These guys, however . . .

This is Jeremy at his first go at replacing a rim on a wheel,

This is me attempting to be helpful re said wheel

Spike looking a little more severe than he does normally (I think it was a difficult rim/tyre combination),

and me (again), looking like I own the place . . .

Next week, with the loan of a very nice DSLR, I should manage to get some pics of our “For Sale” bikes up here. I know I’ve been promising, but it’s getting closer . . .

Finally for tonight, have a look at today’s BikeSnobNYC post. One of his better (amongst all the side-splittingly good) ones.


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