Bikes for sale – the page is up! (About b&**%# time . . . )

At last (tantantaraa!!!) there is a page (see above: “Bikes – for you!”) with photos of some of the BAC Bikes for sale! Yay! At last! Yes, I know the background colour is a bit naff, and I know that the lighting isn’t studio quality, but at least you can get an idea of what they look like. There’ll be more going up as and when we have done-up ones to show, and the shed in a fit state for more photography  (now with better lighting, and a better idea of the white balance setting on the camera).

Here’s one that’s not for sale, but I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who would like to hire it for a prop for a 1940’s play/show/series . . . it’s pretty authentic and original:

Progress Cycles in Chapel St, Windsor is the name on the decals – it has hand-painted pinstriping on most of the tubes as well, back when labour was cheap, and parts expensive, the exact opposite of now (in western countries, at least). I’d date it mid to late 1940s, with a working dynamo and lights, 28″ x 1 1/2″ tyres, and a rideable leather saddle. The ‘Federal’ lights and saddle are Made in Australia, as are the Dunlop tyres – where did all those industries go? We have a matching ladies bike, a ‘Kew Flyer’ currently doing duty as an easel for our sign, not in anywhere as near good nick, but slated for restoration, when I get around to it :

So, come on in and haggle yourselves a bargain! Sorry, I don’t have any free sets of steak knives to go with them . . .


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