Reasons to be cheerful, pts.1,2,3

Hello. Yes, I am awake, despite sitting up to watch the finish of the 2nd stage of the Tour De France, Wimbledon for cyclists. Aargh, 2am.

So that’s reason to be cheerful #1. Good on you Mr Cavendish:

cav 2-2009

Pt.2:  Laughing at the cheesy ad attempts to get ‘into the Tour groove’. The most laughable is the fake Phil Liggett/Paul Sherwin voice mashup mix that is sort of Home Counties accent as spoken by a Martian underwater through a kazoo, that GoldCross Cycles (or SuperCheap Cyclo, to their mates) have seen fit to employ as a voiceover to some cheesemonger promo.  Oooh, their website has gone all funky, but the ad is not on their YouTube channel yet. Well, not really funky, more ‘graphic designer corporate bland’ that seems to be taking over the ‘corporate’ fronts of the bike chainstore operations throughout Melbourne. Even St Kilda Cycles, once the doyen of alternative-inner-urban-retro-funk has succumbed slightly, with ther new BHP Billiton-like logo morph. I’d still trust them over any of the chainstores, and a good single outlet store in preference to a franchise. Where BikeHub sits in this schema, I’m not sure. They don’t do as cheesy ads. They are a franchise, but with much less tight control than others I have encountered.

BAC, of course, is a lot more grass roots :).

Pt. 3: Liggettisms, of which there have been a couple already. They’re like seagulls at the cricket: occasionally one gets hit by a ball, and flaps away, or is knocked out, which brightens up a tedious passage of play. To wit (so far): “The dangerousness of the middle-end of the pack”.

I’ll keep my ears open. Any others gratefully received.


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