Beach Rd.: 4 lane gym or nursery of champions?

So, this Cadel Evans guy. Is he finally glad that he’s won something? Will he stop complaining about the bad luck and ‘not quite thereness’  that seems to have dogged him throughout his professional road racing career? He’s come close quite a few times, and now he can put the silverware in the case. Good on him. The monkey on his back is less of a gorilla, and more macaque-sized now. He won’t have finished his career with no big win to show for it, and may even convince himself  that there’s enough spunk in the tank for a Grand Tour GC win. Or maybe a climber’s jersey. We shall see.

Ah, Magda. No sooner than you have finished being victimised by Mr. Sandilands (is he back in his coffin with a stake through his heart yet?), you are out there advocating the car-dooring of cyclists because they get in the way of your drive to the gym. There’s something wrong with that. I’m glad that you have gone all contrite and decided that you should ride to work on Ride to Work Day to dispel the myth that you are actually an evil, murderous harpy who hates people who do something useful to lose weight and make the world a safer place to get around in. Both Robbie McEwen and Michael Rogers had a go via Twitter – all three champion roadies, including Mr. Evans, have used Beach Rd. as a training route at some stage in their careers. So


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