It’s not about the bike, it’s about the big four-legged things and the little guys with squeaky voices

The race that stops a nation has stopped us, and tomorrow I need the time off more than I need the money, so BAC Bikes will succumb to the pressure of the venality of the track and not be open. Be closed, in fact. We’ll be back on Friday arvo for bikes – that urban-friendly form of transport that doesn’t leave smelly piles of poop scattered around the street (when it’s dry it goes really well on the garden – can you see that happening in our city streets? Maybe when the oil runs out and just before we choke on 400ppm of CO2).

I’m just wondering – now that horses are consigned to the fringes of transport (sadly, maybe), why the heck is there so much attention focussed on the racing thing? There’s not much to be gained by breeding them to go faster anymore, apart from making a few corrupt men even more wealthy. What about bike racing – something that would actually help make our cycling population safer by teaching them advanced riding skills and helping to stop them from wobbling hazardously through motor traffic on poorly controlled and maintained bikes? Keirin racing in Japan is much better regulated than horse racing here.


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