More stinky hot weather; policy implentation

So, thanks to centuries of an overindulgent fossil fuel orgy, we’re finally seeing the fruits of our stupidity. I think that it’s ironic: firstly; that I’m writing this on a little device with a high embedded energy cost; and secondly; that the BAC Bikes workshop is unable to be used on days of over 37-38 degrees to do anything at all productive except sit in the shade of the peppercorn tree and drink cordial, waiting for a southerly breeze. 40 degrees is the cutoff point for us: until we get insulation for our tin shed, that is all the average person can stand, when it regularly climbs to another 10 degrees hotter inside. If we’d stuck to trains and bicycles, and gone all out to develop passive solar and renewables 30 years ago, this wouldn’t be necessary. Sorry about that.


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