SO how much do you love us? Really?

It’s getting to the stage of our organizational life where we are being asked to justify our existence, and our taking sustenance from the collective purse. We are asking volunteers, both present and past, and past purchasers or service customers (users of our service) to fill out a form to report on their experience with BAC Bikes when we see them next. We will collect them at Dorcas St. and submit the results in an anonymous format to the Board of South/Port UnitingCare at the end of January at their annual meeting (no personal details will be shared). We would like to present a picture of an agency that is helping the local community in a unique way, and one which does something that no other bike business does, which we do.

So, if you like what we do, or if you have been happy with what we have done for you in the past, would you send a short email to <> and cc it to <> telling them of your experiences with us? It will help us to convince some wavering members of the board that we are a valuable community asset worth funding. I and all volunteers would greatly appreciate it, and thus be able to continue supplying affordable, reliable bikes to all of you who need and want them.

Thanks, Mark


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One response to “SO how much do you love us? Really?

  1. meg selman

    BAC bikes is the magic in our community getting re-freshed, renewed bikes out into the world. It’s teaching bike skills for life and connecting riders with each other for a better future. I love it


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