Australia, the land of sloth and turpitude

. . . always liked the word ‘turpitude’ – it has a ring of illicit and dangerous methyl alcohol consumption and lying under a bridge out of it.

“depravity, infamy,” 1490, from M.Fr. turpitude (1417), from L.turpitudinem (nom. turpitudo) “baseness,” from turpis “vile, ugly, base, shameful,” used in both the moral and the physical senses; of unknown origin. Perhaps originally “what one turns away from” (cf. L. trepit “he turns”).

Ok, so maybe a bit harsh. Anyway, we won’t be open today – we as a nation will be celebrating the great colonial nicking of the land from its original inhabitants by a bunch of scurvy-ridden gaolbirds. Hooray. What a basis for national pride.

Come down to Anthony’s bike polo tournament at the Footscray Fish Market at midday. It should make for an interesting diversion from the land of bikefix.


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