I didn’t think I’d say this this soon, but we need more bikes!

. . . quality ones, mind you, We’ve just thrown out (sent to the big scrapyard in the sky) a whole lot of BSOs (Bicycle Shaped Objects) and there is space for more bikes.

Ones we like particularly, because they can be turned readily into decent rideable machines:

27″ wheel 10 speed mens and womens bikes from the 80s and 90s (drop bar or not)

Slightly stuffed hybrids (700c bikes of whatever vintage and quality),

Non-rusty MTBs of less than 18kg gross weight.

Old bikes (but these are popular, so we’re seeing fewer of them). We can fix these up for you better and more cheaply than the average bike shop, because we use more recycled parts. Ask us for an idea about polishing your ancient velo to a high gloss.

We do servicing as well. We’re better at fixing old bikes than most.


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