Mark Horner, Co-Ordinator, 0437 354 318

Address: TBA




9 responses to “Contacts


    Hello Mark. This is Maria from Colombia. I went last Monday for a bike (hop you remember) I was just wondering how you are going with it.



  2. Yvonne Kirk

    Hi Mark

    I did the CAE course back in October and would be interested in volunteering to use my very limited knowledge to help fix up some bikes. Not sure when it’s happening so if you could email me days and times that would be great.


  3. Sandy


    i just arrived in Melbourne and i will stay here for a while, so i’m searching for a bike. When do you open your shop in the morning? I would like to come around and have a look on your bikes.


  4. Jon Thornton

    Hi Mark

    The Paconi touring bike that you built for me 13 years ago is still going strong. My Trek mountain bike however, is in need of some TLC. Would you be able to service my MTB for me?

    Jon Thornton

  5. Candice

    Hi Anne and Mark,

    My name is Candice Ward and I am a multicultural youth worker from the Centre for Multicultural Youth.

    I have a client who needs a bicycle as he lives quite a long way away from the shopping centre/hub in his local area. I found a 2nd hand bike and took it to the Bicycle Superstore on Princes Hwy.

    They quoted me $238.00 to fix the bike which was way over my budget. I was wondering if I gave the bike to your organisation could you fix up the bike or could we come to an arangement whereby we do a swap of some kind.

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

    Kind regards,

    Candice @ CMY

    • BACBikes

      Can do. Bring it down and we’ll have a look. We use good s/h parts and voluntary labour so keep the cost down. We’ll probably be able to make it go well for less than $60.

  6. Kate

    Hi I have a mountain bike I would like to donate. How do I do this?
    Cheers Kate

    • BACBikes

      I’m afraid BAC Bikes isn’t going any more. We plan to have something similar running elsewhere sometime this year. Sorry I can’t help any further at the moment.

  7. spike kiernan

    I hope this starts again soon,,,,I really miss all you guys,,,and gals,,,I was very saddened when hearing of it closing. BAC was an absolute gem of a place,,,,,learned heaps and made some good friends. Mark, Please keep in contact, Spike

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